Welcome to Infinite Chapters,

On this website users create a story together. The story is made up of parts and each part has submissions by users. The top submission for a part is included in the story. Part one's top submission will be the first paragraph of the story and so forth for other parts. Each part will stay open for a week, then it will be locked and cannot be changed. If a top submission isn't decided the part will stay open for another week.

Part five | Written by Anonymous | 4 submissions | 08 Sep 2022
Part four | Written by Zigyasa | 9 submissions | 01 Sep 2022
Part three | Written by Anonymous | 8 submissions | 23 Aug 2022
Part two | Written by Chelovyek | 20 submissions | 15 Aug 2022
Part one | Written by Anonymous | 9 submissions | 14 Aug 2022