The story so far...

The first thing Jack saw when he awoke was the midday sun. Wincing, he covered his eyes, his vision marred by the sun's reddish afterimage. Confused by the feeling of the ground under him, he tentatively opened his eyes again. The sun glimmered on the waves as they lapped at his feet. Shore. Sand. It was the first time Jack had ever seen it in real life. The loud call of a seagull jolted him out of the dreamlike trance he was in, bringing him back to reality.

Jack spat the sand from his lips and felt their blistered surface with his tongue. He'd already been too long in the sun. The flat and dismal beach stretched into the distance with not a tree in sight. As best he could tell, it was midday and he needed shade and drinkable water desperately. Trudging up the beach (or was it down), Jack cooled his feet in the churn as gulls overhead taunted him with their shadows as they gathered ahead by a form in the surf. Closing the distance at an increasing pace he saw it was a human form.

As much as he tried to remember who or what got him onto the beach in the first place, the more he seemed to forget. Shifting his focus to the gut-twisting hunger for food and water. He was as hungry to eat a horse but his stride was that of a turtle. Inching slowly towards that man-like figure. The person was as still as the sand on the beach and didn't move for the entire time that Jack took to reach near him. Taking the final step toward him, Jack was shocked as he was struck with the realisation that it was a trap. Alarmed and panicking.

The human figure was none other than his best friend Joe who went missing 2 years ago. While Jack was trapped in quicksand struggling for his life, Joe stood there like a statue incompetent of any human emotions.
Jack cried for help and tried reminding Joe of all the great times they'd had together. Jack saw his best friend disappearing in a sandstorm as soon as he showed any emotions. Before disappearing, Joe said, "Thoughts are mirrored in your eyes. Keep them beautiful."
Confused and panicked, Jack closed his eyes and started imagining.

So he start doing what he want and I realize I had to do the same we both walk off look and shake hand and headed out you know I got your back we got each so not going against each other ride or die man let get it and keep push sky the limit let go